During my life involved in kid’s sports a fond memory brings a smile every time I think of it.

Picture this in your mind as I describe the priceless moment that involved seven-year-old boys.

I was the umpire and a runner was on first base.  The batter hit the pitch on the ground directly to the 2nd baseman.  Fielding the ball cleanly he proceeded to tag the runner going from 1st to 2nd.  The runner seeing he was about to get tagged, tried darting to his right to get around the fielder.  Then he tried to dodge the tag by darting to the left.  The 2nd baseman cut him off so the runner just simply ran across the infield directly to 3rd base with the 2nd baseman right behind him still trying to tag him out.

Arriving at 3rd base he stood proudly on the base, folded his arms and nodded his head in defiance at the fielder just as the tag was applied.

Trying hard not to laugh at this brilliant running I said aloud; “Son that was some of the best baserunning I have ever seen but you had to go to 2nd base before going to 3rd.”

To everyone’s surprise the runner now took off for 2nd base with the fielder running after him with his arm outstretched to tag the runner once again.

Watch for those moments.  They occur in every game that a child participates in but you have to watch for it.  Priceless moments that will be remembered forever, long after the score is forgotten.




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