My Take – Children are mankind’s most precious and valuable asset.  They are the future.  Tomorrow’s leaders.  Every adult walking through a child’s life could affect that future.

I have always believed that adults are a product of their upbringing but also believe there comes a point when they have to take charge of their own life.

How they take charge may depend on the coping skills fostered while growing up.

Kids' sports offer so much that can help shape coping skills into positive ones.  Unfortunately there are some coaches that believe in “win at all costs” instruction and make no mistake about it, it does have an effect on growing kids that can last a lifetime.

This brings me to the reason “My Take” quotes appear daily.  It is my small way of making things better for kids.  I believe a single interaction with a coach could very well be the difference in whether or not they achieve their full potential in life.  I believe that because it happened to me.

We all wish the best for our children and I can not think of a better way than equipping them with a positive attitude.  A belief in themselves and a confidence that they will not be afraid to make a mistake, that any miscue in life is nothing more than a learning experience.  We owe that to our children.

Get involved.  Volunteer.  The kids need you and always be positive.


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