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1 - Zachery Dominguez's reviewSep 03, 2020
it was amazing
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Crowley has done an exceptional job by drawing a relation of minor league sports with the emotional, physical and mental growth of children at a later stage in life.

2 - Damien Frye's reviewSep 08, 2020
it was amazing
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An excellent reminder of the actual reason our kids should be joining sports and continuing with a relentless passion without the fear of win or loss.

3 - This book comes across as a breath of fresh air amidst the deep rooted mindset and thirst for winning. The author offers a broader concept of winning that involves enjoying and learning the sport which can hone our future generations. (  )
   Rosita_Overstreet | Sep 8, 2020 |

4 - Jordan Oconnor's reviewSep 10, 2020
really liked it
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An account that tells you what great coaching comprises of and what should not be classified as coaching tips and techniques.


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