I do not, never have and never will own a gun and I have no issues with responsible gun owners owning them.  The key word here is, "responsible."  I do have a serious problem with the ability to buy guns that were designed and built for military purposes.

Nobody, for any reason they try to justify, needs to own a military style gun.  They are made to kill and kill they do.  Over and over we see breaking news that once again there has been a mass shooting, the latest in Nashville.  Children as young as 8 gone.  GONE.

A large part of society is sick and worse, a large majority of our leaders are sick.  Why can nothing be accomplished to control guns in the USA?  Why?

I have no proof but I am sure those who defend the right to own a gun have never had a child shot in school.  We all know the story because it’s repeated every day.

We need someone to take charge and get these guns out of the hands of “sick” people.  We need to understand that children are more important than someone’s right to own a gun.  Children have the right to grow up, enjoy life and to me that is more important than some individual’s right of owning a gun.

Wake up America.  Our children are dying.


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